User FAQ

Frequently asked questions - ultrasound

Which ultrasound gel do you recommend?

UltrasoundGelUK from Econogroup offer a hypoallergenic, water based gel that is compatible with the range of Hitachi transducers and provides excellent coupling and transmission.

The gel is safety tested and passes all the dermatological rules and regulations and is FDA approved and CE marked.

How do I clean my platform?

Clean the platform's panels using a cloth soaked with neutral detergent and remove residue with a dry, soft cloth. Never use organic solvents, such as thinners.

(Page 9 of user manual)

When the platform is not required for a long period, e.g. two hours, should I switch off the unit?

Yes, provided that the workload permits.

How often does my platform require maintenance?

Please ensure that you conform to the national regulations of the country where your platform is installed. Hitachi recommends annual inspection (including an electrical safety test) and maintenance. This inspection and maintenance should be carried out by trained Hitachi Medical Systems personnel or an equivalent representative.

Which MDD class are the ultrasound platforms?

Normally, platforms are MDD class IIa.

To which electrical safety regulations do Hitachi ultrasound platforms conform?

Electrical safety: Class 1 equipment is classified according to the type of protection against electric shock. B/BF equipment is classified according to the degree of protection against electric shock conforming to IEC60601-1 (General Requirements for safety of Medical Electrical Equipment by International Electrotechnical Commission).To prevent electric shock, directly connect the platform's power cable to the three-wire power outlet which protects the earth terminal (with less than 10Ω grounding resistance) of the grounding facility.

Whom do I contact for platform servicing?

Contact the Hitachi Medical Systems office or representative in the country where you purchased your platform. If this is not possible, please use the contact form on this Web site. It is important to include which platform you have in the reference window, to ensure that your e-mail is not mistaken for spam.

Can I store images on a normal computer?

Yes, provided that the network option has been installed.

Can I connect my platform to peripheral devices such as an external monitor?

Connect only to those peripheral devices which have been recommended by Hitachi Medical Systems. Connecting to any other peripheral device contravenes MDD regulations.

How should the transducers be cleaned and disinfected?

Cleaning and disinfection, or sterilisation procedures depend on transducer type. Please contact Hitachi Medical Systems or a representative for advice.