OASIS™ - 1.2T

Open high-field efficiency with patient-centric architecture

OASIS™ is a new generation of MR systems, providing a high degree of diagnostic confidence and extraordinary patient comfort. With this unique scanner, Hitachi combines best high-field performance and outstanding technologies with its world’s most powerful 1.2T open architecture vertical-field. OASIS™ with enhanced features brings our patient-centric philosophy to new levels in high-field MR imaging.

  • 1.2 Tesla vertical field superconductive magnet
  • Two-pillar asymmetric design with full panoramic view
  • 33mT/m gradient strength and 100T/m/s slew rate
  • Multiple coil connectors with Zenith™ solenoid element based, highly sensitive receiver coils
  • Fully motorised extra wide 82cm patient table with lateral table top movement up to 300kg load
  • SoftSound™ technology for silent gradients
  • 1.2T highest field strength vertical field magnet for high SNR
  • Truly Open MR - great comfort and reduced anxiety
  • Rich variety of advanced imaging features such as RADAR™, RAPID™, TIGRE™, TRAQ™, FLUTE™, VASC™ supporting every clinical challenge
  • A wide range of sequences, covering all clinical MR imaging challenges
  • HOSS™ (High Order Shimming System) for per-patient shimming, providing outstanding image quality with uncompromised patient comfort

Neuro Imaging

With its unique open architecture OASIS can accommodate the complete range of neurology patients, even those who may have had failed examinations in a closed bore scanner. All the latest Hitachi technologies like motion compensation technique RADAR are available for any sequence, coil and plane.

Fast imaging with RAPID parallel imaging and ZENITH coils with their light and comfortable design, supports scanning every patient, every time. 3D IsoFSE isotropic imaging with unlimited Multi Planar Reconstructions is available for T2-, PD-, FLAIR and T1-weighted sequences. Additionally, HOSS provides excellent fat saturation enabling T1-weighted fat suppressed isotropic brain imaging with TIGRE.
Qualitative and quantitative information provided by fast EPI-based DWI with ADC Map calculation allows early assessment of infarct, inflammation or tumor.
Spectroscopy and perfusion are available for full clinical investigation of neurological patients. Spine examinations supported by RADAR - flow and motion compensation technique, 3D isoFSE isotropic voxel scanning with multi-planar and multi-angle reconstructions, ADAGE with improved T2* contrast and diffusion-weighted DWI provide fast and efficient diagnosis for any neurological demand.

Orthopedic Imaging

Unique OASIS features, like lateral movement of the wide patient table with isocenter positioning of the joints combined with dedicated RAPID orthopedic coils with high SNR and uniform signal, provide outstanding quality in musculoskeletal imaging. With ADAGE high T2* contrast small FOV, a variety of fat suppression techniques, including Water Excitation combined with WE RSSG and WE BASG sequences supplemented by STIR and spectral fat saturation CHESS, provide a full and comprehensive orthopedic evaluation while maintaining patient comfort. T2 Relax Map - novel technique for early osteoporosis assessment is available as well. As metal implants are routinely imaged in musculoskeletal radiology, OASIS is equipped with primeFSE and primeFIR sequences which reduce metal artifacts around prostheses and allows detailed imaging in close proximity to the implants. As OASIS is a patient-dedicated system, all orthopedic examinations can be performed with RADAR motion compensation and RAPID fast parallel imaging to facilitate examination of pediatric patients and those with severe back pain.

Body Imaging

OASIS’ open gantry and wide table can accommodate all patients independent of their body size and weight. Specially designed coils provide imaging with diagnostic confidence even for obese patients. For each patient, RADAR free-breathing technology can be used as an alternative when a breath-hold study proves a challenge. HOSS provides homogenous fat suppression across the entire field of view, needed for BASG CHESS and T1-fat suppressed TIGRE sequence, for dynamic evaluation of the abdomen in every plane. PrimeFSE sequence allows free parameter settings for single shot breath-hold studies, and fast EPI-based DWI with easy b-factor selection and ADC Map calculation completes the comprehensive abdominal study available with OASIS.

Vascular Imaging

OASIS provides a full range of contrast and non-contrast sequences for vascular examinations. Starting with well-known non-contrast Time of Flight and Phase Contrast sequences for intra-cranial and extra-cranial investigations and adding novel non-contrast state-of-the-art techniques like VASC-ASL and VASC-FSE for carotids, renal arteries, portal vein and PVA studies. Contrast studies performed with TPEAKS k-space filling for optimal bolus timing enable high resolution imaging of arterial and venous anatomy with FLUTE or their dynamics with TRAQ option. Multi-coil connections, automatic table movement and large field of view imaging enable whole-body vascular examination. Hitachi’s unique SIR Map non-gated technique allows non contrast motion free qualitative carotids plaques assessment.

OASIS combines a true open design with advanced state-of-the-art technologies to provide comfort to the patient and confidence to the doctor. Fast EPI-based diffusion-weighted sequences with automatic ADC Map calculation together with the perfusion option support a fully comprehensive diagnosis of a tumour’s anatomy, extension and vascularity. RADAR reduces involuntary movement of the patient enabling diagnoses even in non-cooperative patients with limited contact. Pre- and post-contrast IsoFSE 3D volumetric isotropic voxel scans with T2-, PD-, FLAIR- and T1-weighted imaging with MPRs (multi-planar reconstructions) allow sub-millimeter imaging of tumour size and extension; an important requirement for future therapy planning. DTI (Diffusion Tensor Imaging) delivers information necessary for surgical treatment. Open gantry design enables interventional procedures like MRI-guided biopsies. In any body part TIGRE sequences provide dynamic post-contrast 3D examination with the possibility to reconstruct isotropic data with high resolution in every plane. Whole body and whole spine capabilities with image stitching allow metastatic spread evaluation in the open architecture of the patient-centered OASIS system.

Women's Health

OASIS provides all the features necessary for full and comprehensive women’s health investigations. An open design and wide table provide easy positioning and unbeatable comfort for the patient during breast examinations. Advanced technology, supported by HOSS and Hitachi’s unique H-sinc, allows homogeneous fat suppression for dynamic post-contrast TIGRE protocols - the key to precise diagnosis. A biopsy-compatible breast coil and open system design facilitate interventional procedures inside the gantry. Diffusion-weighted EPI-DWI with ADC Map calculation together with the spectroscopy option are available for full breast clinical investigation. Silicone-only and silicone-suppressed sequences allow detailed imaging of the implants in cases of suspected rupture. RADAR motion-free technology enhances breast studies by reducing breathing artifacts and during pelvis studies by suppressing motion artifacts associated with both breathing and peristaltic movement showing a clear image of the uterus and ovaries.

Men's Health
OASIS’ advanced technologies provide all the diagnostic tools necessary for men’s health investigations. RADAR reduces breathing, motion and peristaltic artifacts allowing detailed imaging of prostate anatomy. HOSS and Hitachi’s unique H-sinc fat suppression technique, support dynamic post contrast TIGRE investigation. Diffusion-weighted EPI-DWI, with freely selectable b-factor and ADC Map calculation, helps in precise tumor assessment. RAPID body coil with parallel imaging capability and excellent signal output enables small field-of-view imaging with high resolution.

OASIS is the perfect fit for pediatric imaging needs. An open and friendly gantry with specially designed coils help small patients to feel comfortable and safe. RADAR technology, available for all sequences, coils and scanning planes, supports motion free imaging and provides excellent image quality. The whole range of non-contrast vascular imaging with TOF, PC, VASC-ASL and VASC-FSE enable scanning with no risk. Advanced state-of-the-art sequences and technologies together with the openness of child-friendly OASIS make sedation-free MRI imaging a reality.