Supria Family

Open & Compact

The need for faster and more accurate diagnosis is increasing every day in front-line medical practice. Supria is designed to answer, in one CT, all the demands of diverse routine applications, with the added benefits of a compact size, excellent image quality and ease of use without compromise. Supria CT is your answer to take off to the next clinical and technology standard.
High speed scanning with less than 1 sec/rot, the latest technologies and a 75cm bore, one of the widest among the presently available 16/64 slice CT systems, enable a precise and comfortable examination. Supria achieves the minimum dose and reduces image noise and artifact to provide higher quality images.

  • Whole body high speed scanning with less than 1 sec/rot
  • 75 cm wide gantry bore with compact foot-print
  • Effective field of view: 500mm
  • X-ray tube: 5 MHU
  • Maximum output: 48kW
  • Supria is equipped with the latest technologies for low dose imaging and excellent image quality
  • State of the art technologies for minimum dose are integrated as standard (ALARA = As Low As Reasonably Achievable)
  • Hitachi‚Äôs latest noise reduction technology - Iterative Reconstruction Processing (Intelli IP Advanced) is applied and integrated to achieve low dose and high image quality
  • Unique 3D reconstruction algorithm (CORE method) ensures high image quality with fewer artifacts even during high pitch scanning
  • New generator design enables improved power supply efficiency
  • Open Access and a 75cm wide bore for increased patient comfort
  • Easy positioning thanks to the open gantry
  • Intuitive GUI design with Quick-Entry mode allows simple operation for all users
  • The 24-inch wide monitor clearly displays all necessary information at a glance
  • Very compact 16/64 slice CT systems thanks to improved gantry design and the need for only 3 system modules; gantry, patient table, and operator console.
  • Hyper Q-net: image analysis software
  • FatPointer: Body analysis software
  • RiskPointer: LAA analysis software
  • CT Colonoscopy: Colon analysis software
  • Dental Analysis: Tooth-jaw analysis software
  • DICOM MWM: Modality Worklist Management
  • DICOM MPPS: Modality Performed Procedure Step
  • DICOM Q/R: DICOM Query/Retrieve
  • Complete 3D reconstruction package

Coloured 3D Volume Rendering reconstruction of post-contrast brain. Detailed visualization of post-operative left cerebral artery aneurysm.*

Coloured 3D Volume Rendering reconstruction with cut-plane option allows visualization of the lung fields for pneumonia.*

Maximum Intensity Projection reconstruction in grey scale for lung pneumonia.*

Coloured 3D Volume Rendering reconstruction with fusion images showing arterial and portal phase post contrast abdominal angiography using Intelli EC and PredictScan (Bolus-Tracking). The HCC (hepatocellular carcinoma) is visible in red.*

Coloured 3D Volume Rendering reconstruction with fusion images showing arterial (red) and venous (blue) phases using PredictScan (Bolus - Tracking) - ASO (arteriosclerosis obliterans) case.*

Coloured 3D Volume Rendering reconstruction of helical scan of knee joint.*

*Images acquired by AZE Virtual Place